Colin MacLeod, the Celtic Fiddle Guru

Learn fiddle online!

Colin MacLeod


Over this foundation lite course we'll cover: Equipment and accessories with a lite approach for you to take your first steps in learning Celtic fiddle.

Colin MacLeod


In this course, will prepare to fly with Celtic fiddle, learning the skills to get us off the ground and into the air with our playing.

Colin MacLeod


Over this course we will cover: Learn To Play Fiddle (Learning By Ear).

Colin MacLeod

Celtic Musical Fiddle Journey

Join Colin, The Celtic Fiddle Guru, As He Presents An Education Introduction To Celtic Music And The Fiddle.

Colin MacLeod


Over this lite course we'll discuss points to consider when choosing your first violin to learn Celtic fiddle.

Colin MacLeod

Celtic Music Workshop Jam Classes

Imagine having fun and playing in a Celtic music session anywhere in the world whilst you were on holiday or travelling for work! Open your eyes to the possibilities with this group program anytime, anyplace and anywhere.