Hi, my name is Colin MacLeod, the Celtic Fiddle Guru.

I travel, speak, teach and perform globally with my choice of instrument, the Celtic fiddle.

To help create connection and build community on my travels, I have gathered together the learnings of my past forty years of playing the violin, into a set of courses in my Celtic Fiddle Guru Academy which will take you from starter to Celtic fiddle enthusiast so that you can join in a Celtic music session anywhere in the world and have fun!

The pieces of music included in the course have been chosen for their beauty, background stories and inspiration which they have provided for me over the years.

And the style of teaching has evolved from my classical background, gaining Distinction for Grade 8 violin when I was a teenager and taking my classical knowledge into the Celtic music world.

Imagine playing in Celtic music sessions in different countries, on different continents around the world.

Well, this is a part of what I currently do.

And it's great fun!

And you may also ask, Colin, have you ever taught Celtic fiddle before or played in bands?

The  answer is yes!

During my time in Australia, I regularly played at Celtic festivals and for a period of nine years was the Celtic Elective Music Director at the Launceston Youth And Community Orchestra's annual String Camp in Tasmania, Australia.

Here's a sample video which you might enjoy of me playing on stage with a band duo called the Brayzen Heads with Jim on Bodhran at Fiddler's Green in Winter Park, Orlando, Florida in June 2018.

Anyway, I'll let you move on with the course.

I look forward to catching up with you online.

Private message me on Facebook at Celtic Fiddle Guru or email me at Colin MacLeod

Catch up in the course!